Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a link between health research and participants in order to further our global understanding of human health and wellness. We do this by demystifying clinical trials and other health research for participants and providing detailed, relevant, and easily-digestible information and pathways to participate in health research.

Aztec Marketing is subsidiary of Trialfacts, and is an advertising agency solely dedicated to link potential participants to Medical Researchers and help advance medicine. 

We Guarantee Recruitment So You Can Focus On Your Research

Approaching recruitment without a plan – or worse, adopting a “wait and see” recruitment strategy – will inevitably lead to compromised research. Many researchers resign to amending participant eligibility criteria or study design, acquiescing to blown-out timelines, accepting a lower sample size, or simply lowering their research goals.

A proven, data-driven strategy that guarantees recruitment, providing your study with:

Ample Potential Participants

You will have access to more than enough of your study’s target population to reach full enrollment.

Eligible & Engaged Participants

Efficient Enrollment

A high proportion of potential participants are converting into enrolled participants that complete your study.

Enrollment is on schedule, within budget, and your time is freed up to focus on your actual research.

We’ve Guaranteed and Successfully Recruited Hundreds of Studies

Academic & Grant-Funded Research

Pharma, CROs & Biotech Companies

Virtual & Survey Research

Research Sites

We partner with university-based researchers using a process customized to their unique challenges.

We work closely with pharmaceutical, biotech and contract research organizations to guarantee and accelerate recruitment.

We use a technology-driven and streamlined process to efficiently recruit for virtual and survey research.

We partner with research sites to help them reach outside their patient databases to recruit new study participants.

Contracting with Trialfacts [ Rewards for Research] was the best thing I've done and it saved my study. It has put my research on a completely different level.

– Dr. Kavitha Radhakrishnan, Associate Professor. 

Health research is crucial to the advancement and wellbeing of humanity.

We work with health researchers to guarantee recruitment for their studies, so they can focus on their research. Join us as we aim to positively impact one million people through participation in health research by 2030.

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